Family Loss

I was born and raised in the Ghetto, never knew anything but that, I was raised that you make do with what you have, be grateful for what you do have, I had my family, I had my mom who was the best ever and my dad who despite his mental illness he was a wonderful dad. He worked 2 jobs just so we had food on the table, see mom didn’t have welfare or food stamps or any of that sort, they worked. I was taught right from wrong and respect, said my prayers nightly with my mom and dad, and I grew up to be a good person with good children of my own. However seeing how people are raising their children now makes me ill, family’s fighting over drama, just cut the negativity out and continue to live your life, you show respect you get respect, in the end it only matters between you and God, so live your life on your terms but do me one favor, make sure it’s the right way because you can do damage to someone that you have no clue what harm it does, be a good person no matter what your upbringing is, it’s costs $0.00 to be a decent person.


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